Fat Blossom Farm

A small creative family farm in southwest Michigan

Situated in beautiful southwest Michigan, we are a small family farm and we care for about fifty acres of beautiful, diverse land replete with rolling hills, walking trails, deep woods, a moat, and of course, wonderful, fertile, dirt. We've been working this particular dirt since 2008 and have about 20 acres in cultivation. We are committed to appreciation of the land, sustainable growing practices,  and sharing the wonder of nature. 


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 Jacob Quincy Lead Grower

Jacob caught the bug for organic farming while attending college in Washington State. A class on medicinal botany landed him on the Skokomish Indian Reservation near Olympia and he ended up spending seven years there, soaking up the wisdom of amazing mentors and learning how to run an agricultural program. Jacob became convinced that he wanted to farm his own land, and in 2007, he and Liz moved back to the Midwest to do just that. Jacob has a wonderful sense for growing beautiful foods that taste incredible, and he is often drawn to unusual heirloom varieties with interesting stories and rich flavor. He also has an unworldly retention of Latin plant names and can see perfectly in the blackest of night. 


Liz Quincy  
Event + Education Coordinator, Artist

Liz has a passion for nature, art, working with children, and growing good food. Her degree and experience in elementary education has reinforced her commitment to connect families and children to the food they eat, the land it comes from, and the people that grow it. As our on-hand Enchanted artist, she has begun to develop a variety of eco-friendly and fun products intended to connect us all to the beauty that is nature. When not facilitating events at the farm or workshops in the local community, she is gathering materials in the woods and garden to make Enchanted creations that serve as encouragement to kids and adults alike to use their imaginations and enjoy that which nature creates. 


Laurie Smith
Farm Communications + Chicago Liason

Laurie grew up in upstate New York where her grandfather had been a potato farmer and her father worked in a General Store managing the lumber and feed departments frequented by all the local farmers. When Jacob expressed his passion for organic farming, Laurie immediately recognized it as an opportunity to plan a second career that would get her outside, connected with family traditions, and creating new ventures aligned with her passion for healthy food. A new family partnership was born, and in 2007, Jacob, Liz and Laurie took ownership of a beautiful piece of land in southwest Michigan that bore a strong resemblance to the softly rolling hills of Laurie’s childhood home.

The move to urban spaces in her young adulthood made Laurie a convert to city life, so now she gets to have the perfect life. She spends half her time in Chicago and the other half on the farm where the stars light up the entire night sky. Laurie does a little bit of everything, including working (at least) two markets, coordinating wholesale, interviewing interns, overseeing flower production, weeding, washing, packing, driving, working a day job, and having a blast! 

Donna Skrezec Long Island NY Liason of Enchanted

If you are in the NY area, you can go to one of Donna's events and see the artistic works of our talented family member. Donna deserves the credit for starting the Enchanted events hosted at Fat Blossom Farm in Michigan. Donna and Liz collaborate to build the elaborate houses for the trails as well as designing new products to inspire and help families connect with nature.



Clayton Quincy Entertainment

If you're ever up for a game of soccer or baseball while at the farm, Clayton is your guy. He can also tell you exactly where to find the Dragon's Underpants beans. 

Vanessa Rosenbaum 
Resident Artist + Farmhand

A very good friend of the family, Vanessa helps out with all things art + design, along with a slew of other stuff. Lately she's been screenprinting posters that have been inspired by her work with the farm. 



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