Fat Blossom Farm

A small creative family farm in southwest Michigan

Situated in beautiful southwest Michigan, we are a small family farm and we care for about fifty acres of beautiful, diverse land replete with rolling hills, walking trails, deep woods, a moat, and of course, wonderful, fertile, dirt. We've been working this particular dirt since 2008 and have about 20 acres in cultivation. We are committed to appreciation of the land, sustainable growing practices,  and sharing the wonder of nature. 


Heirloom Tomato Poster

tomato big.jpg
tomato big.jpg

Heirloom Tomato Poster


A beautiful, funky heirloom tomato along with a big list of the most interesting heirloom varieties. 

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I love heirloom tomatoes! And I love the different names of the tomatoes almost just as much. This is my homage to the late summer wonders!

This is a three-color hand-pulled print. The tomato's gradient color is created using a combination of inks, so each print is totally unique. Buy it alongside the Heirloom Garlic Poster and get a discount. 


Note: Local pickup available in Chicago and Southwest MI at the farm, special events, and markets

Fat Blossom Farm | 2086 20th St | Allegan, MI 49010 | info@fatblossom.com | 269 870 5210